Academic Programs

"PEEC provides our students with an authentic field experience that can’t be duplicated in a traditional setting. We have found that all of the activities are connected to Pennsylvania Curriculum Standards and the common core standards students will see on standardized testing. The PEEC staff does an excellent job engaging our students in hands-on learning activities that promote critical thinking skills. These are just a few of the reasons why our school has made PEEC part of our program for the past 35 years."

Jamie Peck and Jill Laverty
Stetson Middle School
West Chester, PA

Better than Your Parents' Field Trips!
Top 10 Reasons to Come to PEEC

College & University Trips & Retreats

PEEC is one of the largest and longest running residential environmental education centers in the northeastern United States.  Approximately 10,000 school students and 2,000 educators study at PEEC annually, representing various grade levels in public and private schools from the urban, suburban, and metropolitan areas of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

PEEC Programs

PEEC’s education programs are designed to provide a holistic presentation of the natural world.  The curriculum includes sessions focused on life and earth sciences, natural history, environmental ethics, and environmental science, as well as a sprinkling of recreational activities such as hiking, orienteering, and canoeing. 

PEEC's programs

  • combine educational, recreational & social living skills.  
    View the Program Planning Packet.
  • can be single-day or multi-day (overnight).
  • feature a 200,000 acre classroom.
  • are designed to meet the individual needs and interests of each school.
  • align with Learning and Academic Standards for PA, NY, and NJ.
  • are led by a professional, educated, and well-trained staff.
  • are complemented by modern, yet rustic facilities for sleeping and dining (groups of 15 – 300).
  • are available year-round … easy to arrange…easy to afford.

Arrange a PEEC Experience

Refer to our Program Planning Packet for more information. 
Call (570)828-2319 with questions and to confirm availability. 

Visit PEEC for a Preview and Tour
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Professional Development for Educators

PEEC offers periodic workshops in life & earth sciences, natural history, environmental ethics, and environmental science for educators.

Contact PEEC at (570)828-2319 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.




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