The best way to experience our environmental lessons is to visit PEEC for a hands-on adventure. If that is not possible, PEEC staff may be able to travel up to a hour to reach you!

Our most popular Outreach Programs are

  • Wildlife Study - Students will learn to identify wildlife and signs of wildlife through hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom.  Focus is placed on understanding habitat, human impacts, and relationships between wildlife and their environment.  Up-close examination of skins and skulls may be included.
  • Bat Study - This lesson will cover the myths and misconceptions about bats and show students how important these creatures are to humans.  The lesson also includes information on White Nose Syndrome.  Activities will explore the beneficial aspects of bats, adaptations, predator/prey relationships, and life histories.
  • Town Meeting - Students simulate a meeting of community members with different interests in a piece of public land and try to convince the ‘panel’ that their interest in the land’s use is the best use of the property.  Develops individual opinions, personal values, and an understanding of how land-use decisions can be made.
  • Team Building through Group Initiatives - A series of challenges which promote team building, cooperation, and decision making within a group.  Students need to work together in order to accomplish the task with minimal help from teachers or staff.

Contact PEEC for availability, pricing, and to see how we might be able to tailor a program especially for you!

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